David Gandy Gives a Lesson in Style in The Parade of Topman Design of The Fashion Week in London

As I told you yesterday, the parade of Topman Design at London fashion week He was a spectator in his front row. It is the model David Gandy, who gave a lesson in style to those who were lucky enough to share space with the.

The model, although not on this occasion on the catwalk, made also looks from the audience. And rightly so, because it was one of the best dresses of the event. Here it’s knife suit is not fulfilled in the blacksmith’s House, the most minimum.

Gandy, who was accompanied by Boxer Amir Khan, opted for a look of most british which combined grey and Brown and that it was flawless. And there’s more to see the difference between his approach and that of Khan, which shows that we must not only choose a suitable look, but must also be able to take it. Khan, the son of my life, what are you doing sitting with buckled jacket?

Returning to David Gandy, that is who we are interested in, is a magnificent coat color camel that is of Marks & Spencer, the tweezers in tweed pants is vintage. Although it is not well appreciated in the image, he wore a vest also in grey, though he was not a partner of the pants, combining to perfection.

The look complete with narrow black tie and brown shoes classic white shirt. In other photos I have seen that also wearing their sunglasses black pasta. Come on, that was perfect. A ten for Gandy!