Hablafacil Will Be The OMV of Banco Santander

Bankinter will no longer be the only bank to offer services as an MVNO and this week it bursts Hablafacil which shall apply especially to immigrant customers of the Banco Santander.

Like much of the current OMV, infrastructure Eplus (KPN-Simyo) will offer it so the coverage to be used will be the of Orange and it will be a card without minimum consumption and stays for not offering mobile prepaid service subsidized.

The national single price will be of 12 cents/minute (more 15 cents/establishment) but the first 10 minutes of each call between Hablafacil customers will be at 0 cents per minute (maximum 60 minutes/day and maximum 500 minutes per month) and also, for every euro of recharge, 1 minute free not Hablafacil anywhere.

The international calls they will have a cost that will vary from 5 cents per minute of Argentina and 14 African countries, although exceptions will be with calls by 1.20 euros (always more establishment of 39 cents). The messages will have a cost of 12 cents/sms and 60 cents/mms while offering data service by 15 cents per each 128 KB.

As promotion until June 30th, all refills will be duplicated for free up to a maximum of 20 euros per recharge.

Are really required so many MVNO that they do not offer any advantage over existing? What ideas you aportarías so a MVNO highlighted and is interesting?