Ios 8 Camera Roll: Complaints About Cumbersome Photo Album

iOS 8 without the usual camera roll: not well received the modification of the usual photo gallery with many owners of the iPhone. The feature was responsible to display all recent images in one place. Each made photo popped up in the camera roll.

With iOS 8 Apple decided to rebuild this feature. In the new version of the Apple operating system images are “Recently added” instead in the folder. Not only the photos are stored in this folder, which stores it on the device, but recorded all images you within the last 30 days, and have also deleted.

Camera Roll And Mixed Photo Stream

The folder “Recently added” it IOS 8 roll a mixture of feature camera and photo stream, the location for photos in Apple’s iCloud. As a result it is now impossible at a glance to see which photos from the folder in the iCloud are stored and which are not.

But this mixing is not the only problem: it has become now clearly elaborate actually to delete photos. If your a photo from the “recently added” delete folder, it is not removed from the device, but only in the “Recently deleted” folder moved. There it remains, another 30 days if you don’t manually again deletes it. The reactions in the social networks show that many users are want back the old system.