Jolla: Developers Smartphone For The Sailfish Community

For the 1000 participants of his new “sailfish community device program”, the Finnish company Jolla has a Smartphone on sale. The programme is already fully booked and sold out the device.

The Finnish software company Jolla has unveiled a new smartphone with sailfish OS within a new developer program. The Smartphone available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces only for participants in a new Community programme was already sold out on the first day. The quite reasonable with around 170 euro units are company information currently in the finishing and will be delivered in July. Jolla makes no warranty for the smartphones sold as developer device.

Only for the community

The “sailfish community device program” to promote the development of alternative, open operating system. The already booked program is scheduled for the time being until may 2017. In the course of this year there will be for participants exclusive developer sessions together with experts from the Jolla team as well as other events. Selected participants will receive an invitation for a community meeting on June 17 in Helsinki.

In the “Jolla C”, a Snapdragon 212 is quad core processor from Qualcomm, which can access memory 2 GB. There are 16 GB available, which can be expanded to 32 GB using MicroSD card for data. The dual-SIM Smartphone has a 5-inch IPS display with 720 × 1280 pixel (293ppi). The exchangeable battery makes 2500 mAh. Resolves the main camera with 8 Megapixels, a 2 MP lens sits at the front. SailfishOS 2.0 is running on the device.

Nokia heritage and Tablet disaster

Sailfish OS is based on the open-source project Mer and is from the mobile system Meego emerged. Jolla founded 2011 by former Nokia employees, after the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer had given up his Meego plans. The company brought out a Smartphone that is funded through Crowdfunding 2013 already, had failed with his subsequent Crowdfunding project for a Tablet but cracking.

The Tablet disaster has led the Jolla company on the brink of bankruptcy. “Jolla struggles to survive,” Managing Director Antti Saarnio had to concede in November 2015. An investor had jumped off, half of the staff was dismissed. At the end of last year the financing could be then secured with a new investor.

Licensee in India

Previously had Jolla adopted by his hardware aspirations and announced plans to focus on the development of sailfish OS and its licensing. Intex Jolla has found a first licensee in India. The INTEX Aqua fish, the Jolla in February at the Mobile World Congress has shown, not only outwardly resembles the now featured Jolla C. The Jolla is made (C) apparently also in China.