Lee Spring/Summer 2012: Simplicity to Bet on Tissue Cowboy

For several seasons, back in the spring-summer 2010, the inspiration was in the field. All collections showed a few looks whose main protagonist was woven cowboy. Speaking of woven cowboy, it is impossible not to mention to Lee that rightly and sometimes mistakes by its simplicity has become a reference point for this denim model.

Denim It’s the perfect fabric to start to draw up any wardrobe Fund both for women and for men. I would say that it is a tissue cheerful and easy to carry perfect for daily outfits and well combined for occasions that require something more “formality”.

For the Spring/summer 2012, Lee brings a collection inspired by the sunniest site in North America, California, Since it is intended to be a model for a young audience, fun and energetic. Los Angeles is taken as a reference point to sell us a collection that will assimilate to that lifestyle. All surf, throw topics!

It seems that within all this style surfer and having as protagonist could not forget something so characteristic to the beach as the navy print Red, combined on the blue and white. Something that returned season after season to the wardrobe of every man. If you don’t already have your horizontal striped shirt is because you do not want because just last season sold it in all stores lowcost.

But the boy Lee not going all day on t-shirt (or being surfer with the absence of this, we know), also dress with Basic pole in different shades. Green is one of my favorite colors for summer, with tanned skin, is a pitch that favors much. That Yes, either on sand or asphalt, don’t forget the two necessary turns in the basement of the pants.

That casual aspect could not be better represented than with a basic white shirt style Jon Kortajarena a Single Man, combined with a denim shirt, the moment you beards and long hair already depends on each one, but this summer very important is that you remember the white pants because they are very present.

Something that I don’t like too are this type of pants that are too wide at the bottom. We’re not talking of a straight cut, that would be a little tighter, but such wider not favoring either leg or much less shoes. Do not you think? Also I think that they are much more uncomfortable. For shoes see how combines it with nautical renewed or converse.

And speaking of shoes, several years ago I was much use the withes male to every day. After they stopped to take depending on how was the finishing of footwear were becoming uncomfortable, but it seems to be returning again and see the example at the boy in white pants. Do you like this option for the summer?

The collection features in terms of style very sober and classic way to treat tissue offering a wide variety of finishes ranging from the dark sharper up to the most clear and soft tones. You know that both devices are carried for this spring/summer. Besides all the models in trousers it is also worth noting Bermuda, an easy resource for the warmer days.

What do you think?