Login Without Password: Microsoft Opens Windows Hello For Smartphones And Bracelets

The Windows login without password and PIN was possible only with fingerprint or 3D camera. In the future, Windows allows the Smartphones and wearables.

Microsoft demonstrated new possibilities for a Windows login without a password on its Computex keynote. In the future, Windows Hello should support so-called companion devices, including tracking bracelets such as the Microsoft band, but also smart phones. A 3D camera, an iris – or a fingerprint scanner that is needed, that there was little to upgrade previously for Windows Hello.

In the future, other devices from third-party manufacturers may be used as a second factor of authentication. You need to support the companion device framework for it, which stores an encrypted token to unlock of the PC to the portable device. Another condition is a Windows app that must connect to the companion and you want to make sure that the user is actually active. This must then either press a button to log on, enter a PIN, or perform a gesture.

Authentication on Web pages

How the connection is done, however, exempted. Microsoft calls for various examples: users could put the companion on an NFC reader, connect it to the USB port, or use a fitness bracelet that is bound to the Smartphone such as the Microsoft volume 2 to unlock. As previously on Windows Hello so authentication without password on websites would be possible.

Remained unclear at the presentation, how Microsoft wants to make sure all methods that the correct user really sits in front of the PC, or whether there will be various classes to unlock. Fitness wristbands and Smartphones, at least motion profile and fingerprint biometric data can deliver. About the NYMI bracelet that uses the heartbeat of the carrier to secure authentication was demonstrated.