Midas Mobile, a New MVNO with Calls to 7 Cents/Min and 0 Cents between Customers

Midas Mobile reach the Spanish market as twin brother of Hits Mobile and is aimed mainly at users who make international calls at rates from 5.3 cents per minute 24 hours although their national rates are also quite competitive in the MVNO market.

It’s a MVNO with coverage Vodafone to be initially only available in prepaid card and is not bound to a minimum monthly consumption even if it will be necessary to make a minimum recharge of 5 euros every three months.

The one-time fee for customers who ask Midas Mobile portability is of 7 cents/minute to any national destination except the internal calls that will be to 0 cents per minute between customers (limited to 10 minutes per call, 60 minutes a day and 500 minutes a month). The rate for new high that do not portability will be 15 cents/minute.

The messages will have a cost of 13 cents/sms and 30 cents/mms while the establishment of national call is 35 cents from 15 cents and the international.

Midas Mobile offer Mobile free no permanence from 45 euros and 50 euros free but also balance it will be possible to buy only the SIM card that will cost 12 euros and will include 7 euros balance.

At the moment we will have to manage everything through the phone but it will soon be launched the Web in Spanish Since it will be possible to manage any purchase, recharge or see the detail of calls among other options.

If we compare with Hits Mobile, we see that they offer almost the same rates although from Midas Mobile you want to highlight that its main advantage will be a most professional customer service.