ONO Improve Their Rates of Mobile Internet and Launches Its Rate 1GB Flat

The time in which most commonly used connections to Mobile Internet because of the summer holidays is just around the corner and the operators are prepared to do so. Although it is almost impossible to think of a completely unlimited fee by the limitations of mobile technology, ONO bets by not limiting the speed of its fares in contrast to the offered lately by Movistar, Vodafone and Jazztel.

In this case, ONO io improves its conditions for access to the internet in mobility (under the Movistar network HSPA) since it was already offering this service through applied by default to all customers of pay per use. You can now surf up to 5 MB per day from mobile or from a computer without paying anything. If you need more traffic will pay €2 If you eat between 5 and 50 MB, €8 If you consume between 50 and 500 Mb, or they billed you €0,016 /MB if you eat more than 500 MB per day.

If you prefer the mode of monthly payment You can choose to rate flat 1 GB £ 25 so eat it according to your needs and exceeded the gig of traffic (adding traffic of ascent as the drop) they billed you each additional giga €12.50 but no limitation shall not apply in the speed of service that currently It can reach up to 7.2Mbps of descent and ascent 1.4Mbps.

Interested customers may purchase the usb modem 3.5 g £ 45.24 no permanence in the service of mobile broadband but with permanence in service wide fixed for 6 months (if not will have to pay €80).

The service will be available from June and will be exclusive for (new or existing) customers who have already hired fixed broadband of ONO than 4 megs. The rates are valid only in the national territory and do not include VAT.