Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge In The Test: The New Benchmark For Android

With the two new high end smartphones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge Samsung starts again at the top among the Android devices. In the test of the c’t be the improvements significantly – even when small weaknesses remain.

Samsung raises the bar for high end smartphones on Android with the S7 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 edge once again higher, particularly with regard to computing performance, runtime, and camera. C is this the result ‘ t after a detailed review of the two top smartphones in

laboratory and everyday life. Therefore, the devices are remarkably fast, what different CPU and GPU benchmarks were able to confirm. Otherwise as many high end devices with Qualcomm processors, the two S7 models showed also hardly any performance degradation under prolonged load.

Beautiful and versatile display

Both devices have extremely sharp display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels (581 dpi at the S7, 533 dpi at the edge of the S7), which is why they are suitable very well for virtual-reality glasses as the gear VR originating also from Samsung. AMOLED technology, the displays are very color-bodied, while even the Stromsparmöglichkei ten be better used. So the Smartphones have an “always on”-mode, in which also on off display even a clock, a calendar, or information about incoming messages can be displayed. The whole is comparatively low, because the black areas of the display are turned off.

The chic design with glass back and metal frame is oriented towards the S6. In contrast to its predecessor are the two smartphones but proof and survived a brief dip in the test unscathed. Also the two smartphones can now again be expanded with MicroSD card – Samsung but has disabled the ability of Android 6 to outsource there also apps. The camera in the laboratory test, especially in low light conditions and section here to lengths better than its predecessor.