Simyo, a New MVNO That Is Presents Morning

Tomorrow there will be the presentation of Simyo, a new virtual operator which will operate under the network of Orange and which already we can offer some information prior to its official launch.

This operator wants to stand out enough from the rest offering a service which, at first glance, will draw much attention to the more addicted to the Internet. This will offer a personal page from which to manage all our information: call logs, limits of consumption, expenditure,…

This page is not limited to be simply a reflection of the paper invoice. In addition to customizable iGoogle-style, there will be a series of interactive graphics that allow you to query the data much more easily.
You can also upload our agenda of contacts, so we don’t have to infer whom we call by the number, but that we can see it with names. In addition, there will be available widgets to access that information from other pages, for example from Netvibes.

Two things are sufficient to highlight this page: available from a section to give the operator low and The Cocktail guys have done it. Two good signs.

Yet not I can tell you which are the exact rates, but this will be unique for all operators, in the style of Telstra. They have, in contrast to the majority of MVNOs, a data rate very affordable to be paid per day, but it will have a download limit of 100 MB per day, with 3.5 g connectivity.

Another issue that will highlight Simyo It is that users will not be linked to the operator, and you do not have or consumption minimum monthly or permanence, either in contract or prepaid. This means that they will not funded mobile, but that they be sold free.

Speaking of the sale, they will not sold in stores, but we can only acquire their products via the Internet and by phone.

Starting tomorrow, we can try it and see that it works.