Simyo Has Already Sent Codes EBay

You bid or buy in? eBay to take advantage of the promo’s Simyo from 10 minutes of free calling? on its official blog today have announced that they have finished sending all codes still missing them. I received mine four days ago and today I’ve used to give me as customer prepayment.

After entering the personal data and billing information (credit/debit card is required) the box where you enter the promotional code, once accepted Simyo charge you a euro to your card and confirm you that soon you will receive your SIM with rate Pioneers 10 free minutes to other mobile activated Simyo.

If you are already a customer you can enter the code in the page”My promotions”and change to this fee free of charge. Codes of eBay expire a month of receiving the message, recuerdaselo who regales the other two, because an ID code is only supported.

“After giving me high I have entered to”My panel”where I have found that I have a balance of 10 euros and that the reception of the SIM card appears in the section of”Outstanding issues”.

Browsing through this”Area staff”Simyo has caused me good feeling, is fast and offers a few options such as enable or disable the voice mail, unsubscribe or temporarily block the SIM in case of theft or loss.

Today Simyo He has also reported that clients of contract already have available bills on the web.