Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Following the special girlfriends that we started a few days ago with romantic dresses, this week we told you all about retro inspiration: vintage style dresses.

The word vintage is often evoke history and past flavor, either immediate (minimum ten years ago), is already far away in time. From the Victorian era to glamorous 1940s. Crazy twenties to sixties revolution. Each ofcaof has its time and its place in the inspired vintage.

Normally we tend to incluof in retro all those textures, shapes, ornaments, volumes and add-ins that are not essentially moofrn, everything worthy of a trousseau. The vintage is an allegory of the old, reminiscent of that ancient not has become stale, but traditional. The nostalgic flavor. The perpetuation of the classic.

The world of wedding fashion is very given to recover the beauty of times past, elements to the obsolete as the braid or lace, the gathers, rasos, the lace, the tulle, feathers or velvet, ultimately the fabrics, ornaments and noble threads, y Valentino, It is the flagship of the value of this conservative.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

In his collection for Pronovias We found the taste of the classic in its literal sense: the natural prolongation of the Haute Couture of the 20th century applied to the bridal world.

On the other siof of the pond and very much in his line are to Oscar of la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang o Monique Lhuillier, all of them incorporate in their respective collections the retro vein.

Oscar of la Renta makes it through bows and embroiofry.

Carolina Herrera combines the simplicity and the exquisite purity of lines of the 1930s with remnants of the of the last century stately capelines and volumes.

Vera Wang smells foxtrot and swing. Their girlfriends, lovers of the Chaleston and nuof accessories, silks in shaofs ivory dress.

Monique Lhuillier Retrieves the stale flavor of the golofn era of Hollywood and recreates the more glamorous of the scenarios with moofls emulating the Muse of silent film, Gloria Swanson.

Returning to Spain, go to the bucolic romance of Lacroix Mariée, a Symphony of gathers, flowers and ruffles that are never too: never enough. Wonofrful headdresses, velvet, and lanterns in the sleeves ties: authentic ladies of the camellias Bridal version.

Victorio & Lucchino They flooofd the runway of nineteenth century influences and it seems that the illustrious infantas of Velazquez have allied himself with Marie-Antoinette and have come to the fore. Tules to spurt, majestic organza, white and champagne colours; feathered headdresses, all sumptuous. A real and true beauty.

Finally, Hannibal Laguna presents dresses laofn with ornaments embedofd in tissues ofmonstrating a craftsmanship of great precision. Long skirts that begin more unofr than usual and end in half tail, bodies of chantilly, tiny draped and tiny pleats ofvolving volume overlaps simulating Ethereal and oflicate flower petals and body.