5 Cautions that You must Have for Beach Fishing

The fishing on the beach is one of the most widely practiced fishing arrangements in Brazil, due to our great coastline. Unlike fishing for construction and other embedded modes, beach fishing requires some special care both in relation to the type of equipment as security needs.

Thus, we have listed below some issues that should be given attention from the planning of the fishing on the beach until the day of practice:

Fishing equipment on the beach

The fishing on the beach as well as some ocean fishing modalities, requires the use of heavy duty equipment the action of sea salt and sand in the gears of reels and reels . Besides having the proper equipment, it is necessary to perform periodic cleaning with fresh water in order to lengthen the life of the material.

Following the rules

The Beach fishing it also depends on the fisherman perform registry for fishing with the Ministry of fisheries and aquaculture. Without the registration of fisherman, the practitioner can be booked in the midst of your leisure, and in view of the ease of performing such registry is to understand that it’s not worth getting stressed about it.

Another caution be taken is in relation to the edge locations suitable for fishing, that way the fisherman does not interfere in the areas for bathers or practitioners of other sports such as surfing.

Attention to the Board of tides

The seas is one of the most useful tools of the fisherman on the beach, because the description of the tide can understand that fish should be closer to the coast and in that time it’s going to happen.

Get more information about the Board of tides also helps in improving the fishery, since the Board can identify the best time to collect natural baits along the margin and thus obtain a greater success in the fishery.

Best bait for beach fishing

On Beach fishing the artificial lures work very well, but the diversity of natural baits, as mentioned before, can make it last much longer. Small fish like sardines, as well as crustaceans, small squid, shells, beach worms or small shrimps can help the fisherman to catch fish bigger and smarter than rarely yield the artificial lures on fishing by the sea.

Dangers to be avoided

The beach fisherman must take some other care relating to the location of your fishing trip. You must protect yourself from the Sun and mosquitoes for the fishing doesn’t become an event to be remembered the wrong way. It is necessary to be careful with rays, which are very frequent in Brazil and has an even greater impact near the beaches, in this case the fisherman must seek shelter or stay as close to the ground for not becoming a target.

Don’t be the prey

Another great care must be taken with regard to fish and venomous species. Species such as manta rays and jellyfishes, very frequent in the Brazilian coast. In addition, catfish, with very dangerous Stingers, and Individuals, the famous fish of urethra, very frequent in Amazonian regions, and many other fish and venomous species typical of each region of the country, should be taken into consideration in the planning of the fishery.

To have a good Beach fishing just plan well the same. See our e-book Guide to buying Fishing equipment and stay on top of everything you need to know to have a great fun!