About Abu.B Plus Size Models And Music Videos

Today we introduce the energetic woman behind the plus size fashion days friends: Tanja Marfo. It has plenty of power and in addition to the several-day plus size fashion days leads a model agency. Its some plus size models you know definitely. Two of them are in the latest music video “I like it like that” from the BossHoss.

Dear Tanja, how was the contact with the BossHoss achieved?

I Facebook account was written about my curves noise on and was wondering whether I would give not plus size models. I said “Yes” and introduced some girls to the production company. It is of course so that the girls can dance well and also “clothing” should not be a problem.

It was followed by a lively exchange of eMail; Photos and videos were sent back and forth and after a few days the feedback was that it had decided for two new beginners.

ASTA and Dominique ran last year on the plus size fashion days and I offered two requests also to mediate them. As I told the girls that they have been selected, the joy was huge. I had myself goosebumps and was also almost during the whole video shoot here.

You lead you on specializing in plus size models since very successfully, you have a very special model agency – for quite some time. What has moved you to set up a model agency in addition to including your plus size fashion days (PSFDAYS), body positivity initiatives and blog?

My agency is there not very long and it is still in its infancy. I could already first orders give and even two really great. Two of my girls have mentioned so how already starred in the music video for the BossHoss played. This video will provide very much.

I’m very professionally clamped, the planning of the PSFDAYS is a year job and networks, write blog posts, lectures and somehow managing everything is sometimes quite exhausting. The modeling agency was a logical conclusion at some point, because in addition to the auditions for the PSFDays I’ve had requests repeatedly whether I give even “bbw”.

Why is your modeling agency a good choice for plus size models?

I think it is absolutely for me, I am ver baendelt very close in most cases with the girls. I accompany her to Paris for our annual exchange with the pulp of fashion week and am otherwise there and approachable.
Sure, I can not afford such work in any order, but I look forward, if I can support. Mine have been the first catwalk experience for many plus size fashion days. There are not so many events in which the models can learn running. Unfortunately, this is a big disadvantage. Also, there is no specific training, but I want to change that in the near future with our plus size Academy.

Due to time constraints I can take not full time to it. However, I’m going to build a whole new way by an agency. I have no experience in the area, but be prepared to work and to acquire much me. I stand behind my work with heart and passion and even if I should even make mistakes, I learn from it and not give up.

Out of nowhere I built on my blog and also the plus size fashion days with very much help. So you can visit writingles if you just firmly believes it enough.

How must we have to imagine the work as Managing Director of a modeling agency?

Phew, long days, little leisure time, absolute dedication and long before the PC. If I’m not in my Office, I work from home, because I’m also MOM and wants to spend time with my child.

Often get questions asking for advice or the question of how woman can be a model. In the “hot” phase of planning prior to the PSFDays I have many visits, meetings and phone calls.

You know many models and manage yourself some very well-known German plus size models. What makes a model successful? What should bring a woman to have a model success?

Model life is extremely hard, requires much discipline, responsibility and commitment. A model never falls from the sky and many women take years to put in this area of foot. No agency educates their models, teaching them, how they have to go – this is a major shortcoming and a point which I would like to take up. A model that can run super and pose, is an absolute exception.

A model must have a great emanation for me, be ambitious, friendly, that certain something and have absolutely no perfection. I like guys that stand out, but I like very much natural girls. 42/44 are usually booked only sample size. This is a thorn in the side and a point which I would like to change.

You have great brands and companies such as sheego and happy size, as customers. There are fashion shows, editorials, catalogues, art, events, fittings – focus of your plus size models?

Many have grown with me and accompany me since the first fashion show in 2013. I can often tell potential and promote this very much. However, I expect also a certain loyalty toward me and honesty. I know that the girls only through our exchange with the Paris have pulp fashion week the possibility to run abroad. I even travel with, organize, take care of the girls and watch, that’s doing fine. I would like to promote the spirit of mutual support. Other countries are waiting for us. The catwalk is a focus for my girls, but also photo shoots and other events are becoming increasingly important. The rest will still develop in the coming years – I’m sure.

According to which criteria from are you looking for plus size models for your agency?

I find women with a totally “glowing” look and feel fantastic. I want to see that they want to achieve something. I like no women who constantly nagging about and unsure. Charisma, a neat appearance, self-confidence, the ability to move and inspire, are very important to me.

Modelling is a tough business – get up early, long days, always good, many people look around, acting, highly flexible, staying fit – these are just some of the aspects of a model must deal with those. What advice do you give your models with on the way?

I like models that remain always yourself and not stand out. Success that comes, because you have a very special characteristic or can polarize so wonderfully, maybe is just entertaining. The most successful plus size models, I know in Germany, not necessarily are types that immediately stand out. And we are honest: by modelling here hardly anyone can survive alone. Do this in the plus range only very few.

I would the plus size models say they should have stamina, to remain stable on the ball and exercise, exercise, should exercise. Dealing with criticism and devaluation, hectic situations left over are photo shoots, auditions. These are all things, we have to learn that. Never something personally take whoever does this devalue themselves.

At the time, the pulp of fashion week takes place in Paris. And where is t? Exactly – in Paris and exchanges with the operators there. On the plus size fashion days in Hamburg in autumn you can meet at then the French plus size models. In the second part of the interview dealing with fitness, experience and the world of fashion.