Acer F1 Will Use The Platform Snapdragon Qualcomm and Windows Mobile 6.5

During a press conference held today in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, the Taiwanese company has taught an interesting prototype of name Acer F1, with the main peculiarity of the platform Snapdragon Qualcomm.

During the morning were 8 models which will be part of the line of phones in 2009, according to Acer, only two models were not present at the ceremony. Figures corresponding to the peculiar Roadmap that the company introduced at the MWC, where the last two terminals wore Android.

Let’s go back to the Acer F1, Let us remember that it is not the first presented terminal that will use the platform Snapdragon, Since the Toshiba TG01, seen in the past, MWC, used this CPU to no less than 1 GHZ, in the case of the terminal of Acer, it will run at 800 Mhz.

Snapdragon you have on paper impressive specifications, according to the manufacturer, you can decode video in high definition (720 p) and has the hand of ATI 3D graphics acceleration (22 million triangles/second), all this with a very well managed battery consumption, one of the strengths of the platform.

The presented prototype was not operating, but we know that Windows Mobile 6.5 is the chosen operating system, which coexist with proprietary user interface of the Taiwanese brand name Acer Suite 2.0, something like the famous TouchFlo 3D HTC, with the idea of getting further customization of the device, at the same time that a better use of the touch screen.

Another fact that is known, as you can see in the pictures, is the 5-megapixel camera, and as is standard in this type of Terminal, the Acer F1 will have GPS and WiFi connectivity.

According to the information obtained in the event the date of placing on the market will be the month of September, at a price of €560. Ending the week we will have more information about the terminal.

If you are curious, I finish the publication with a video on prototypes that used the platform Snapdragon Qualcomm, they were taught in the past MWC: