Android Donut, Its First Appearance

We have among us the first images and information that can bring a next update Android, they have been obtained from the slope of development Donut.

This weekend Google It has decided to upgrade its official repositories, or what is the same has published the newest code in Donut, Neither short nor lazy developer community has agreed to it, obtaining the first news that I will be describing.

In particular we are talking about the user Cyanogen the xda-developers, that playing around with the emulator has reported some improvements, which are really interesting:

  • New Widgets, among which we highlight a new bar in which we have direct access to WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS/Email connection/disconnection, and change the brightness of the screen, this is clear from the home screen.
  • Changes in the interface user on an aesthetic level (new animations) and accessibility.
  • Support for CDMA networks, expanding the possibilities in the American market.
  • Text-to-speech, i.e., will facilitate the transformation of text to speech.
  • New gestural controls with official Multitouch support, issue that we had seen in different hacks, but that still does not seem very clear if it will appear in the final version.
  • Universal search, on the different stages of the device.
  • New software for the camera, hopefully let us more freedom of action, because currently we can only focus and shoot.
  • Support for encrypted encryption WPA Enterprise (WiFi).
  • Support for VPNs.
  • Widget to manage battery.
  • Automated backup.
  • General performance improvements, with an emphasis on a faster boot.

We must bear in mind that Donut is a branch of Android development, and that does not necessarily their updates will appear in the new version of Android. Other lines of development are Eclair and Flan, which unlike Donut, have not become public.

What if it is is true that extracted improvements bring the update more interest than the one obtained with the first information about Donut in the I/O 2009 keynote Google last May. Then a video about that Conference Donut:

I am sure that in the coming days the developers will be finding new hidden features, so we are awaiting to inform you.

Then the gallery in which we can see some of the new features:

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According to Romain Guy, Member of the Android team, in statements in the Google Group of developers Android, Donut does not include multi-touch support.