Be Guided to the Nearest Bicycle Pump Via the Android App

There is help on the smart phone if you need air in your bicycle tires. New application guides you to the nearest pump.

You need to air in your tire of a bicycle wheel, then there is in Århus and Odense placed small pumping stations at strategic locations, which can help you. And a new application can tell you where in the two cities you exactly find pumping stations. It writes our site.

It is a young student, Kristian Thaulow, from Odense, which have gotten the idea, whereupon the application “bicycle pump Odense” came into being. After the great success of the project manager took at Aarhus city for cyclists, Pablo Celis, hold of Kristian Thaulow, who made a similar application to Aarhus.

Applications are made on hobby basis, which also means there are limits to development opportunities.

You can download applications for free in Google Play Big.