Bloody Bunnies, Play Online with These Friendly Rabbits

Games with ability to play multiplayer online game to Android are gradually coming. In early September the developer Mentalwarp Games launched free in the Android Market game Bloody Bunnies that offers us the possibility of play online game.

In Bloody Bunnies will manage a nice rabbit that will not stop jumping and you will have to compete or defend themselves against more rabbits along the four maps 3D colorful based on the four seasons of the year.

As soon as you start the game will ask if you want to show blood or not in the game (Bloody or Cute) in the game. Once inside the game can find an online game already created or create it ourselves by choosing one of three game modes changing completely the objective of the game:

  • Carrot Hunt: Our goal is to get five carrots that are spread on the stage or be placed wherever else has before the end of the three minutes from time. If it crushes us a rabbit we will lose the carrots and they will return to their original site.
  • Deathmatch: Here our aim is to be the first to kill a rabbit ten times or be which gets more amount of dead rabbits until end of the three minutes of time.
  • Survival: In this mode the goal began with a number of lives and your goal is to kill all rabbits that appear on the map until you kill all lives. While you’re killing rabbits go up in level and getting more life.

The game features customizable be split mode Custom where we can change the time, the number of carrots or deaths, etc, but this will have to unlock the game paying 0.79 euros either getting 10 TapPoints that give you go giving if you install the games which you recommend.

The game requires Android 2.0.1 and a powerful mobile to work. The game has been tested on the Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy SII. In Samsung Galaxy SII is perfect and the Nexus One the game presents failures in Deathmatch mode that makes the rabbit go to stoppages, the rest of modes go well with what surely is a software problem that we hope that they take not solve an update.

View the video at the original site.

Bloody Bunnies Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0.1
  • Developer: Mentalwarp Games
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Arcade & action

Bloody Bunnies is a game with online multiplayer featuring some nice jumping rabbits where they have to compete to be the best over four maps and three game modes.