Bonds to All Mobile Jazztel

If we had already confirmed the new mobile Jazztel rates, they have now announced on its website the availability of bonds that lowered its tariffs in return for a monthly fee.

These optional bonds have a monthly fee which is paid once by the holder of the contract and the benefits apply to all lines that the client has contracted (up to a maximum of 5).

In all cases the call set-up is maintained at 15 cents and the mobile internet by default rate, if not a specific bonus, engages passes cost 10 cents/MB. There are three different modes depending on the consumption:

  • The Bonus for all 30 It has a monthly fee of €30 and calls are reduced among Jazzmovil customers 5 cents per minute and other destinations to 11 cents per minute while the sms passed to cost 6 cents between Jazzmovil and 11 cents to the rest.
  • The Bonus for all 60 offers, for a monthly fee of €60, a reduction to call among clients Jazzmovil of 3 cents/minute and send messages by 6 cents/sms while that to other destinations you will pay 10 cents per minute and 11 cents/sms.
  • Finally, the Bonus for all 90, lets call for 0 cents per minute and SMS by 6 cents among clients Jazzmovil and other destinations by 9 cents per minute and 9 cents/sms in Exchange for their respective fee of €90 / month.

It is inexplicable that Jazztel mobile forces you to pay such high fees to have rates that other MVNO Simyo because they offer only a monthly minimum consumption of €1 without minimum consumption, although I imagine that they will be the “benefits” of the quadruple play with Jazztel.