CeBIT: #Heiseshowxxl, Day 5 Live With Smartphone Security / Mac-Upgrading! / Best of / C’t Uplink

Live in color and with a colourful mix of topics. At CeBIT, we extend our talk program and stream with the help of c’t, iX, Mac & i, make, TR from 10 o’clock in the morning in the network.

Welcome to the last day of the #heiseshowXXL at CeBIT 2016! There’s also daily news from the fair, discussions about CeBIT topics and discussions relating to data protection, liability issues, hate on the net and other network-related issues.

You can track the #heiseshowXXL media (Hall 6, H16) or Player embedded in the bottom spot on the stand by Heise. Viewers can ask questions to guests and presenters directly from the fair visitors or via Twitter under the Hashtag #heiseshowXXL; We will try to attack them in the show. Banse and Volker Zota lead Philip through the program.

Click here for the live stream:

For technical reasons we are dependent on the service provider at #heiseshowXXL @ CeBIT, whose Player required to have Flash in the desktop version. Not ideal, you but currently can’t change. No Flash needs who watches with mobile devices.

The day program

10: 00: We move us at the first CeBIT in 1986 and present one of the highlights of that time: the Amiga 1000.

11: 00: Achim Barczok we talk to often unjustly treated security of smartphones.

12 noon: Macs are made not for upgrades. How to create it anyway, Johannes Schuster by Mac & i live on the example of iMac shows.

13: 00: Tinkering about with and without technology is allowing shows Helga Hansen. It presents a best of make.

14: 00: As in the past years sends the c’t uplink his current episode live from CeBIT.

15: 00: free Wi-Fi in Germany between free radio and liability risks is the theme of our right-panels with Monic Meisel, Christian Heise (both Board of Directors of the Association free networks e.V.) and Joerg Heidrich.

16: 00: at the usual #heiseshow time continues with news from the exhibition centre and network policy.

17: 00: at the end we play CeBIT jeopardy, can they prove IT knowledge and digital plans of the magazine Heise win media with the visitors to the fair.

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We are all records (such as for day 1, 2 3 happen to us) after break up into individual posts to look after. We ask for some patience.

Also: PGP and virtual-reality roller coaster

Of course we again accept applications for certification of a PGP key for secure E-Mail communication this year (ID don’t forget!), and we offer a fast paced thrill ride with a virtual-reality glasses again. Also you can browse in the magazines, try out our apps, and learn about other offers of the publishing house.