Cities and Places in Trinidad and Tobago

Asa Wright Nature Center

The Asa Wright Nature Reserve is a combination of research station and resort. It is in the mountains about 90 minutes northeast of Port of Spain. The drive there is very nice, it goes through the valley of Arima, past cocoa, citrus and coffee plantations. The Asa Wright Center is particularly interesting for nature lovers, several paths of various lengths and difficulties lead through the tropical forest. With its multitude of exotic, colorful birds, the center is ideal for bird watching. The veranda of the main house offers an indescribable view of the Arima Valley, as well as of the feeding grounds only a few meters away, where mainly hummingbirds can be found. The Caroni swamps are reached through the waterways in the middle of mangrove forests and lagoons.


Scarborough is the capital of the island of Tobago. It is located in the southwest of Tobago and has a port where the ferry that runs between the sister islands also docks. The history of the city is linked to the eventful history of Tobago. It is mentioned for the first time as a Dutch foundation. Within the next fifteen years, first the British and then the French conquered the island. And in 1670 the Dutch were back in power. Interesting for visitors are the botanical garden or the Fort King George, in which, among other things, the national museum is housed. 25 km east of the city you come through the rainforest to the nearby Argyle waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful in Tobago. The way there leads through a unique flora and fauna with cocoa trees and various Caribbean plants. You can also swim in the small “lake” in front of the waterfall.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point is Tobago’s most beautiful headland. Located in the south of Tobago, the place is popular as a seaside resort with locals and tourists alike. The dream beach with natural areas and sometimes a lot of shade under trees is divided into several beach sections. For a low admission price, the beach offers everything a tourist’s heart could desire. From a wide variety of water sports to beach bars and food stalls to beach lounger and parasol rentals. The beach can be kept very clean by entering and there are also sufficient sanitary facilities. Pigeon Point Beach is therefore the number 1 beach in Tobago and certainly not without good reason. It only gets a bit fuller here during the holidays, when locals from Trinidad are also looking for a break.


Charlotteville is a small fishing village on the Caribbean side in northwest Tobago. The approximately 950 residents live from fishing and tourism. It is surrounded by lush rainforest that is part of the first natural rainforest reserve in the Western Hemisphere, for which Tobago is famous worldwide. The charming place offers a few guest houses and a few restaurants and shops. The eastern part of the bay in particular is used. Fishing boats anchor in the water, the road runs right along the beach, a large jetty protrudes into the bay. The western part of the bay is quieter, with several private beaches. Charlotteville and its bay have beautiful beaches that, as is often the case in Tobago, are wonderfully empty. One of the most beautiful of them is Pirates Bay with its gold-white sand and the rainforest, who is about to come down the hill to end up on the beach. In ancient times it was a retreat for pirates who settled there to find fresh water and a safe haven.

Frequently asked questions about Trinidad and Tobago

What are the entry requirements for Trinidad and Tobago?

For entry to Trinidad and Tobago and a stay of up to 90 days, German citizens need a passport that is valid for 6 months after the trip. Air travelers should be in possession of an onward or return flight ticket.

What vaccinations do you need to travel to Trinidad and Tobago?

A valid vaccination against yellow fever is required for all travelers older than 1 year when entering from a yellow fever area. This is not required when entering from Germany. Presently, proof of vaccination is required from anyone entering from or via South America. It is therefore recommended that travelers visiting jungle areas have a yellow fever vaccination for their personal protection. In addition, it is recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A, and against hepatitis B, rabies and typhoid if you stay longer than four weeks. We definitely recommend taking out health insurance abroad with repatriation.

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