Cloud Intelligent Helmet System: the Light At the Bottom of the Tunnel

Keep your eyes on the road is the motto that inspires you to create helmets with sophisticated information systems: GPS, telephone, sms, proximity announcements, radio, music and even the retrovision or state of several components of the bike, have been ideas integrated in these helmets.

Integrate in a helmet a system that transmits to the motorcyclist the necessary information about GPS, telephone, sms, proximity announcements, radio, music and even the video camera or state of several components of the motorcycle, without them having to take the eyes The road is really a good idea.
The  Scully helmet , whose factory recently declared bankruptcy due to bad management, before having even produced any helmet, even after receiving support from the Piaggio Group, or the iC-R-Intelligent Cranium helmet(More), whose production is delayed but expected to begin in 2017, are examples of this type of helmet.

Nuviz is a company based in San Diego, United States, but with a development office in Salo, Finland, which is creating not a helmet, but rather an image projection system with different information on the visor, which will be Compatible with various brands of helmets, and that he was suffering from serious financing problems until Stefan Pierer, or rather his Austrian company, Pierer Industries, to buy a good percentage of its shares.

Pierer Industries is well-known for being the owner of a large part of the shares of the KTM and Husqvarna motorcycle brands of the design company Kiska, and of the WP Suspension, suspension specialist for motorcycles, Pankl Racing, which manufactures precision components In light alloys for the aeronautics and F1 industry, and Wethje, another company that makes carbon fiber components for the same target customers.
With BMW Motorrad talking more and more about its “Head-Up Display” helmet system , it will very likely be that in the short term, both KTM and Husqvarna will come up with a similar system, already That the development of the equipment is now accelerating. Bikers Thank You!
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