Comparing Images, HTC Magic and Samsung I7500

With the HTC Magic roam our streets, and the Samsung i7500 yet to arrive, most people that wanted one insurance already did with the first, but we know that there are many potential customers behind the first Samsung handset with Google’s operating system, from CNET Asia established us a first comparison of the contenders, so we can see them in their different angles.

As you can see in the images both phones dispense physical keyboard, and in the case of the Samsung i7500 also the famous trackball that accompanies the first terminals Android, Instead it has 4 directional buttons and one confirmation.

In this first challenge, the HTC Magic It seems to me to be more photogenic, with a seemingly smaller size, or at least that feeling gives me to base your design in more curved lines, but anything more away from the reality that both have very similar dimensions, and even in the case of the Samsung we have a fairly thin terminal, 11.9 mm.

Let us remember that level specifications Samsung terminal is rather more interesting by appealing to technology AMOLED for the preparation of your screen, as already it is becoming usual in their latest creations, and a Chamber of 5 megapixel camera (LED flash), top of his companion, and pretty decent if it is the same module used in other terminals of the Korean company.

Other interesting details of the Samsung model are the input jack 3.5 mm (in the Magic needed an adapter), one slightly larger battery (1500 by 1340 mAh), and the presence of 8 Gb of internal memory, Expandable via MicroSD slot.

It will be interesting to know which version of Android accompany the Samsung i7500, according to the first contacts of the terminal is 1.5, but who knows if the Korean brand will end up getting hand something else in on it, as did us to understand in their explanations about the strategy to be followed with Android.

I leave you with the annotated Gallery:

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