Cupcake, Where Is The The Dream of Movistar?

These are not good times and every time is more important to keep updated the longest possible time our devices. Therefore, it is key that is available with some frequency of operating system updates and are easy to install.

The paradigm of how you can keep alive a device via software is the iPhone, for the progress of each update as well as the ease of installation. RIM also regularly publishes updates to BlackBerry, not as clear as in the iPhone and sometimes have to look outside of the operators, something that most users don’t. Windows Mobile It makes life easier, the availability of updates is the exception.

And what happens with? Android? The sensations with this operating system are, at least for me, were found. It seems that he was announcing some fresh air in the field of smartphones and has enough passing by various operators so everything does deflate.

Especially interesting is the case of the Dream of Movistar, alleged phones Google This operator surprisingly lack two functionalities: lack of Google Talk and it is impossible to synchronize your calendar with the service of Google Calendar. Error, intentional limitation? There is no clear explanation, but perhaps some nuance come by the presence or not of the brand Google in phone. Mark Google is present in the HTC Magic of Vodafone but not in the Dream of Movistar. Freer gives that operator to limit the phone?

We have researched this issue thoroughly and someone said “off the record” almost a month ago that would soon release is version 1.5 of Android, known as Cupcake for the Dream of Movistar It would solve these limitations and would add improvements already present Settimane phones of other operators or those who have ventured to install “non-official” versions.

We will continue waiting for…