Dream and Magic Not May Use The New Interface Touch HTC Sense

Along with the announcement of the new phone Android, the HTC Hero, the Taiwanese company presented Sense, a new touch interface with design and very interesting possibilities for the rest of terminals Android, by this means have not taken to echo us of possible updates to the models in the market, but the bad news come from HTC, It ensures that the majority of the first Android phones will not have this possibility.

According to HTC the signed license with the company of the search engine to use on their phones”with Google”not authorized to provide updates as that could lead to the user interface Sense. Until now, HTC had offered Google Experience phone, certified by the company of the search engine, which leads to also comply with conditions agreed between companies.

Logically the terminals that we talk about, with regard to our country, are the Dream of Telefónica, and the Magic of Vodafone (both developed by HTC), and it is a shame to not make a possible update, since it is not really a technical problem, but a rather legal issue.

I’d like to know what will happen in some countries where the two first HTC Android terminals came to market without signature”with Google”, as Peter Chou said in the presentation that the interface Sense may be available on other Android handsets, and possibly whether the chosen.

However these terminals (Magic of Roger Wireless, for example) do not have guaranteed upgrade, since the company will weigh the logistical and financial limitations to determine their viability.

I know that he is not a correct comparison, but it is clear that offer free upgrades (OTA) over the years as you make Apple with its iPhone, including the first buyers of the phone in June 2007, it is positive, but always officially and directly from the Apple company.

It is clear that this is something that is valued and extends the life of the phone on the way, and I am sure that it is the policy that Google It is following, but this type of updates of “third-party” so near to the company of the search engine, should also be taken into account in cupcakes, donuts, or different sweet wanting us to get.

Said this, it is also certain that it will be a matter of time before the user interface HTC Sense available through non-official channels, you can be sure that a ROM Sense hacked will soon circulate across the network.

After watching the following video will be many of you head the ability to adapt, or at least thinking about the well received an official adaptation ability: