Effects of Hot Weather on the Skin

puffy eyes, hard to wake, mind fogged and sore muscles? Are the symptoms of the summer heat wave that hit a bit ‘all. Cosmo will reveal the top 20 remedies to survive the sultry
This year, it was you. You were just hired and paid holidays granted to you are stringatissime or your (expensive) connects you’re putting in pole position to blow your best time, and got it. Now, with ‘ mood of a serial killer, it touches you spend the summer in the office. Instead of tensions sovraccaricarti with the result of downloading even more your batteries already at alert level for missed vacations, passes a counterattack. The solution? Flip the situation in your favor and make less stressful suffered the forced stay in the city with a series of all-day strategies, from eight in the morning until late at night. From cosmetics they autano to survive the dog days subway to supplements that give the right push to not get knackered at the end of the day. But also quanche strategy to release stress and irrinuciabile physical movement to keep the body agile and fit.

1. Energizing Shower

Nothing cold showers even though the heat is oppressive, the feeling of freshness is only temporary. After a few minutes, in fact, the body regulates the bloodstream causing vasodilation to restore its optimal body temperature. Result? Increased sweating and feeling of accaldamento. The optimum temperature of the jets is around 37 °. At this time to make sure it happens more than one, to regain freshness and comfort choose a fresh detergent-based mint, white flowers and natural essences of citrus.

2. Refresh Bathroom

Take your clothes off and immediately in the bathtub? A great idea for an invigorating dip. To get results superdinamizzanti take a cue from hydrotherapy: fill the tub for 1/3 and put to soak in cold water for five minutes until the navel. Dry thoroughly, lying down and cover yourself with a light blanket to allow the body to trigger the process of thermoregulation. After a few minutes the heat will be gone completely.

3. Baking Mon Amour

An anti-afa remedy is to add to the tank a couple of tablespoons of baking soda to refresh the skin and control the body perspiration.

4. Refrigerio Fast

Flushed? Fill the sink with water and a few ice cubes and dip hands and arms up to the elbow for a few minutes. Alternatively it supports an ice cube at the points where you feel pulsing blood. On the face, however, wrap the cube in a cotton handkerchief to avoid violent thermal shocks that could break the small capillaries.

5. Skin Oxygenated

The scrub can give a virtual sensation of freshness: rubbed the body under water with a glove horsehair or with a pair of nuts an exfoliating product to remove dead cells and oxygenate the skin.Conclude the shower directing the jets of cold water, from the ankles to the thighs, it will give you the sprint needed to start the day.

6. Clean Purifying

The face needs of purity all year round, but in summer more than ever. Cleanser and tonic milk removes traces of make-up, dead cells, smog and atmospheric particles that are deposited on the dermal layer tenaciously. But not only. Removing impurities, they help the skin to remain fresh, breathe better and prepare for subsequent treatments.

7. Tonic “Frost”

The tonic has been rediscovered as an authentic pleasure of the beauty routine, especially in summer when the desire for freshness is a requirement. One trick: pour the usual tonic in a spray bottle for the flowers and keep it in the fridge to vaporize it generously on your face every time you feel the need chene.

8. Mild Shampoo

Often in the summer a shampoo only in the morning is not enough, especially if during the day you are sweating a lot or played sports. Many think that the shampoo repeated several times in a day hurts, makes the hair dull and dry. But it is a common place, provided you use a mild shampoo. It should be made ​​one application, in small quantities and never dilute it (because disperses most of its active ingredients), massaging gently for about 30 seconds. It is very important to rinse. Dedicating to this operation at least two minutes in order to eliminate all surfactants (ie chemicals that have the clean function through the foam dirt), present in the product and very harmful if allowed to dry out the hair.

9. Fresh Skin

We have said, nothing better than a nice shower to cool off and reconciled to the heat. Too bad that repeated washings leave dry skin with tiny slivers raised and give the uncomfortable feeling that is “restricted” and throws. To counter these unpleasant effects the best solution is to always moisturize the skin after bathing or showering. Certain that with the heat is not tempting to lie on the body lotion or cream, as reading and penetrating more and form a veil and with the sweat tend to stick. Better then to use a non-alcoholic friction, water-based and rich in active principles anti dryness and refreshing to be massaged quickly over the body, insisting on the most dehydrated points.

10. Summer Scent

Choose a light fragrance and do not oppressive, with the heat could be unpleasant for those around you. Never abuse it, just a discreet fragrance, but continued to spray upwards and enter the “cloud” with the whole body. For a soft, fresh skin and sensually scented.

11. Long Hair? Better Harvests

Hair loose on her shoulders? Beautiful to look at but keep warm as a cashmere scarf. To keep the harvest fresh tip: braid, tail, bun or, to be trendy, wrap around themselves and pin with a few strands of hair clips to create a messy look.

12. Fragrances Alcohol

To test the summer a fragrance without alcohol, use it with confidence even under the sun for a refreshing moment. In fact, these formulas are tested to not create allergies and skin spots under UV rays.

13. Not To Shine

Moist heat and the stuffiness, the sebum secretion tends to increase: even if you have oily skin problems, you can end up with a greasy face already mid-morning. The solution is to replace usual treatment by day with a light fluid or a gel, with no added oils. Choose it and intensely hydrating with sunscreen, even in the city the summer sun gives off dangerous radiation and favors the phenomenon of photoaging, ie skin aging due to UV rays and light. In addition, it balances excess sebum and clears the shiny areas.

14. Makeup Light

In the scorching heat of make rules change. If you use foundation, choose it in the compact version if you have very oily skin that requires frequent retouches or lighter fluid when the skin is dry and sensitive. Or use the bronzers, more compact version and in a shade “credible”.

15. Matte With Aspirin

A ‘cunning to a busy day that requires a major make-up: to make it last long, fresh and free of shiny, dissolve well in half a glass of water an aspirin, so before you wear makeup dabbed his face with a sponge soaked with this solution.

16. Eyelets And Perfect Lips

For well-kept aspect and also be sexy nell’afa town it is better to focus on a make-up to a minimum: the eyes a pencil or black eye liner and even waterproof mascara, but only on the upper lashes to avoid with the hot “drool”. For lips, pencil and, instead of lipstick, a shiny gloss and fresh color to give the holiday aspect face.

17. Heavy Legs?

Blood circulation and lymphatic issue slowed because of the heat. Back home prepared two water basins (the water will get to the ankle) a warm and a very cold where you add a handful of ice cubes. Walking dip your feet from one basin. This is a simplification of the tanks of Sebastian Kneipp, a German doctor who studied the benefits of hydrotherapy. This system allows fast vosodilatazione and contraction of the blood stream that provides an immediate sense of relief and deflates heavy legs.Stretch out then, with an upward massage from the ankles to the thighs, a specific product to deflate the legs: low-alcohol, menthol, peppermint, and ruscus acts decontrattando muscles and reactivating the circulation. Favor its action in the vertical supporting legs to a wall and remaining in this position for at least five minutes.

18. Do Not Forget The Deodorant

The sweat is a natural skin protection mechanism. Born free of odor, but easily deteriorate when in contact with the bacterial flora and the air. The first rule to avoid embarrassing issues is that of a careful hygiene critical areas: armpits, groin and feet. The second step is to apply daily deodorant that has to limit the proliferation of bacteria, does not clog the pores and refresh.

19. End Snappy

If you do a job that forces you to walk a lot on the asphalt red-hot from the sun will often happen to come home with swollen feet and sore ankles. Treat end is important, because from them depends on the very being of our body. In fact, walking, feet act as a pump that pushes blood to the heart, where it is purified and oxygenates. For a treatment SOS rubs your feet well with a horsehair glove and quickly passes the jet of cold shower starting from mid-calf to below the ball of the foot. Then stretch out a veil of mentholated talc, it facilitates the massage, controls perspiration, invigorates tired feet and has an effective anti-odor effect.

20. Sos Freshness

To always keep on hand: in the breast pocket, the car dashboard, and in the drawer of his desk a plentiful supply of soft tissues. Serve to give relief and immediate cool especially if you pass them on the wrists, the neck and neck. Although the percentage of alcohol contained in the tissues is minimal avoid rub under the armpits, on delicate areas on the face. They may give allergic reactions or burning.


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