Facts of Borneo, Indonesia

Here you will find practical information in connection with trips to Borneo.

  • Language: Malaysian, English and several tribal languages
  • State capitals: Kuching & Kota Kinabalu
  • Population: About 5, 4 million (Malaysia), about 12, 5 million (Indonesia) and about 0, 4 million (Brunei)
  • Religion: Sunni Islam and Buddhism
  • Currency: Ringgit
  • Surface: 736,000 km2

Worth knowing

Time difference

The time difference between Sweden and Borneo varies depending on our summer and winter time.

Summer time +6 hours

Winter time +7 hours

Transport on Borneo


The buses on Borneo do not meet the same standard as in Europe. We have of course chosen the best category with air conditioning where this has been possible.


Normally we fly with domestic flights to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur. The tour guide will inform about all practicalities.


During our trips in the rainforest, the bus will sometimes be replaced by a motorized longboat.

Price level

The price level in Malaysia is generally lower than in Sweden. The price of a good meal is about NOK 60-80. It is also cheap to take a taxi.


On our travels you come into contact with everyday life and local customs. There may be situations you do not like or are not used to, such as custom with tips. In many countries, the tips system is more organized than we as Swedes are used to and there is an expectation that local guides and drivers will receive a certain amount in tips during the journey, as the service industry’s salaries are often adjusted accordingly. We enter an amount in our travel program, so that you can take this into account when planning your trip. The price of the trip does not include the cost of tips as you decide how much you want to give during the trip. The system of tips can be said to be part of the culture you visit and which you should therefore follow and respect. We want to emphasize that it is of course voluntary to tip.

Normally, the tip is included in the price by adding a service charge of 10 percent to the bill. In finer restaurants, it is customary to give 5-10 percent extra in tips, depending on what service you have received.

Currency and credit cards

The Malaysian currency is called ringgit (MYR) and can be bought in Sweden. Another option is to switch at airports, banks, exchange offices and most hotels. You can also use Visa and MasterCard at most restaurants and shops and in many places there are also ATMs where you can withdraw cash.


Borneo uses 240 volts, so bring an adapter if you want to be sure you can use your own electronics.

Telephone and internet

Malaysia’s international country code is +60. It is expensive to call home from Malaysia, so feel free to consult with your mobile operator regarding coverage and prices for incoming and outgoing calls.

Internet cafes are available in the larger cities and most hotels offer paid internet services.

Drinks and hygiene

In hotels and larger restaurants, the toilets are modern. Out in the city, you can count on going to so-called pedal toilets, and that there is a lack of toilet paper. The standard of public toilets or in the countryside can thus be relatively primitive. Bring your own toilet paper, wet wipes and maybe hand sanitizer, so you will not be as dependent on access to water. Also bring good mosquito repellent.

Do not drink tap water and avoid ice cubes.

Customs and traditions

The Malaysians are incredibly friendly and used to tourists. One is expected to respect their shrines and customs with respect and appropriate attire. Therefore, wear clothing that covers the knees and shoulders and remember to take off your shoes when visiting religious sites.

Use only the right hand when receiving or giving something – the left hand is considered unclean.


During all flights and transport, there is an absolute ban on smoking. You may not smoke indoors in public places unless there is a special smoking room.

Climate and weather Borneo

Here you can read about the weather in Kuching on Borneo

Daytime temperature 30 30 31 32 33 33 32 32 32 32 31 31
Night temperature 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 22 23 23 23
Precipitation (mm) 692 537 362 265 238 202 185 211 274 343 367 479

The climate in Borneo is tropical, with warm and humid weather all year round. The monsoon rain dominates from November to mid-February.

Facts of Borneo, Indonesia