Galaxy Note 5 Is Taught in Further Images and Confirms a 7422 Exynos and 4GB of RAM

Know enough details that outline the Galaxy Note 5 as the phablet S pen that embraces design lines marked by Samsung with the Galaxy S6. And the latest filtered images do not do another thing to put them on firm ground.

In these photographs from China see the next terminal of the Koreans, to be presented before the natural date of renovaicion in the first half of August. It can be seen from various angles, and confirms the new design of the Stylus from Samsung, apart from the prototypes that have been so far.

At last It seems that Samsung does bet by a push-button mechanism to extract the Pen S, instead of the small notch seen in other leaks, looking more development device.

I see even the rear screen printed with the name of model, ‘Galaxy Note5’ on this device. If we assume that this model is real, several closed doors are also:

  • Nothing C USB, slot points clearly to microUSB.
  • SIM, that is possible to be double, as already happens in other models, to accommodate the microSD card that many expect a single tray.
  • Goodbye to the removable battery, the finish will be similar to the Galaxy S6
  • The completely flat screen, although on the back curve of the glass accompanies the grip.

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4GB RAM, 32 GB of internal and Exynos 7422

In addition to these images, has released a screenshot of a so-called Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920F teaching some of their characteristics in the CPU-Z software, which would confirm a screen of 5.7 inch QHD resolution (2560 x 1. 440p).

The processor will be a Exynos 7422, virtually identical to that you see in Galaxy S6, although we assume that you it’s the units that have best result of the manufacturing process. Additionally, it is expected a memory RAM 4GB, a base Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and 32GB internal memory series.