“Generation Head Down”: Smartphones Distract Many Pedestrian

A quick E-mail check, Facebook feed, WhatsApp message write: the Smartphone generation is “Head down” a danger for traffic not only on the tax, but also walk – says a recent study from European cities.

Look at the phone and quickly even over there across the street: round every sixth pedestrian is distracted by the Smartphone, according to a city study now. Studies show in six European capitals, about 17 per cent of pedestrians crossing the street in a variety of ways to use a cell

phone as the DEKRA accident research announced on Friday in Stuttgart, Germany. Of course it’s dangerous, it is the police. A fine threatened but not – unlike in cell phone use at the wheel or on the bicycle.

Down look, touch, listen to music

Almost 14,000 pedestrians were observed for the study. Of those who were with the thought probably not on the road, but on the phone, who typed up most text, telephoned – or did both at the same time. Others wore ear plugs or headphones, which suggests that they heard music – and not the road. “Phone calls, listen to music, use of apps or even tapping text messages provide risky distraction on the road,” said Clemens Klinke by the DEKRA Executive Board.

A misdemeanor was not, the whole thing still reported a spokesman for the Stuttgart police Schossig, Michael. While motorists face a fine of 60 euros and a point in the Flensburg transport Padmavathy file, if they are traveling with cell phone to the ear or even in the hand, pedestrians are not punished. Sinful Bikers get away with 25 euro.

Incorrect behavior of pedestrians

Younger pedestrians ‘Generation head down’ the Smartphones use as expected more often than older. The most intensive use in the age group between 25 and 35 years of age was observed with 22 percent. According to DEKRA, 22 percent of all road deaths in the EU are pedestrian. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, every tenth death on German roads is caused by incorrect behavior of pedestrians.

Pedestrians in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Stockholm were observed for the study. In Stockholm, the Smartphone Usage with 23,55% had the highest. (AP)