Google Begins to Try Android Instant Apps: Use Applications without Installing Them

In the past Google I/O may 2016, Google introduced Android Instant Apps, a new feature that will allow us to use applications on the fly without having to install them, as if they were Web pages.

Half a year later, Google announces that they begin testing of Android Instant Apps with the launch of the initial phase. All this time the Android team has been working with a small number of developers to refine this feature, and as of today some Android users You can see how to open a link opens one application instantly instead of a web page. In this limited test includes application BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki.

B & H Photo (via Google Search) BuzzFeedVideo (via a shared link) Park and Pay (example) (via NFC)

During the coming weeks and months Google will be activating the Android Instant Apps more users and more applications. Developers have to take some important steps for their applications compatible with Instant Apps. They have to modularize their applications so that they can be executed on the fly.

The Android Instant Apps they are the perfect solution to those applications that we use very occasionally occasionally as search engine of hotels, flights or the same applications from airline companies, applications that we usually uninstall when we know that we won’t them to need short-term use.