Google Drive for Android: So Easy It Is Manage Security Backups of Your Devices

At the end of last week saw as the web of Google Drive It allowed us to see and delete backups of our devices easily through the new section Backup now also landed in their official app for Android.

The new version of Google Drive for Android you have also enabled the new section Backup so that we can quickly and easily manage the backup copies of our applications and devices.

Backup copies

This new section of Google Drive to see all the backups we have applications and devices associated in our Google account. There we can eliminate the backup of devices that do not already use, delete or disable the backup applications that we don’t already want to have a copy in the cloud.

If you click on the backup of a device we will see what applications and games is keeping a backup of your data, If you are doing a backup copy of the history of calls and the device settings (configuration, background display, default applications and passwords Wi-Fi). For each application we will see how much is your backup. Time from the application there is no way to see terms of occupies in total the full backup of our devices.