Google Play Hardens Conditions for Publish Applications for The Benefit of Users

Google already is tired of some developers to make misuse of their applications for Android to deceive users or fill their devices with spam. To avoid these bad practices they have tightened the conditions to publish applications on Google Play.

Google has already started to send emails to the developers to inform them of the new conditions to publish applications on Google Play that have to meet from now on. Existing applications have 30 days to adapt to the new policy if they do not want to be eliminated shop.

Now developers they will have to refrain from using names or icons very similar to popular applications to avoid misleading users. The description of the application will have to conform to what actually takes place and not be full of keywords to manipulate the classification or the relevance in search results.

Applications can already do not disturb users with spam, It is forbidden to use notifications, modify markers and install shortcuts to display unwanted advertising. May not collect or disclose personal information, or send SMS, emails or other messages without confirmation from the user and without knowing the recipient.

Developers may not publish Android applications that are just a WebView from a website that is not owned. May not offer incentives to users vote positively its application and all payments within applications have to be done through Google Play and Google Wallet, no longer is allowed to use third-party services. The complete list is on Google Play Developer Program Policies.

With these changes in the terms Google aims to put a little order in the more than 600,000 applications and end with those applications full of spam or bad practices to protect users of Android and Google Play.