H.E. by Mango: Gerard Pique Plays to Be Model Again for Spring/Summer 2012

Almost just outputs the camera we get images of the Catalan firm Mango spring/summer 2012 campaign. Mariano Vivanco has been commissioned to bring us back to the Barcelona player Gerard Piqué It seems that has caught taste to that of being model and that we will see it, part of this spring, also as an image in the next autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

The male line of the signature, H.E. by Mango, It takes seasons to be a success among men who can be found in the collection a very good quality and classic, elegant but embedded designs to perfection in the different trends of the season. The own Gerard told us: “long handle, I like both by quality and design and also for the price. When you look at yourself in the mirror you see that you have very well and that is what I want”. To laugh a lot, speaking of price that are sure to have it in mind at the time of purchase.

The brand has seen in it not only advertising flip but perfect man H.E. model A young man, with its own style, personality and with it also seeks to strengthen this line which still good, still the relationship with the female in sales is very down. Let’s see if it is worth approaching to Mango to renew our wardrobes with the arrival of good weather & #8230;.

The brand image of the firm has always tried to move between the land of the renewal of the great classics. In that sense I do like one of its main rivals, Massimo Dutti. They try to provide fair and necessary innovations and rely on patterns and styles that men are accustomed. So, this season the blazer again to be a great actor.

American apparently a bit shorter and fitted perfect for a casual look and to combine with jeans am should be done more!. I really like the result. For the shirt and the tie, this time playing with the contrast, polka dots and stripes. Maybe is not so bad right?

I have to admit that when they risk with something more striking make it very tastefully. An example is how introduced the trend of printed jackets. I love the pictures of vichy and I have won this version in blue and white.

Now if we are going to innovate too and you have to dare with a Print full suit I don’t know if it would agree, don’t think you are ready because we are able to give the sensation of falling into a styling too cakes and although the pastel tones are this is not a good result.

So for full costumes I stay with the dark colors. That Yes, if we had to wear a bow tie it carries tied, and if we carry shirt does not fall into the time late in a wedding treat and take it well buckled. For costumes, please, do not bring rings and bracelets too extravagant, the Quim Gutiérrez at the Goya Awards have to forget.

As I have said many times, a good Cardigan You can climb a look without having to carry American much. Mango brings one in a blue shade that I liked much, above all for those buttons. Necktie pattern I like very much but I have a but. If you tie the right thing would be to shirt was buttoned. We are not in the 1990s.

Finally still stuck in the world of the elbow pads on the sweater that I like my both. And also giving prominence to socks!.

What do you think? Do you like the collection?