Half of the Parents Have Rules for Children’s Use of the Tablets

A study from Telia are looking at the Danish parents’ penchant for drawing up rules for the children’s use of the tablets at home.

Smartphones and tablet devices in particular are immensely popular among children, and an hour can quickly turn into more.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to put the rules up for children’s consumption. Just rules are for the children’s use of the tablets have Telia examined together with analysis organization YouGov.

The study shows that 45% of all parents have made the rules up for the children’s use of tablets and other gadgets in the home when it comes to when and how much, they must be used.

“The rules are good, when the kids are small, or if the use of smartphones and tablets, for example, homework or goes beyond the family’s time together. But there are no problems, there is no need for rules. I therefore see the figures in Telia’s study as an expression of the fact that the use of digital gadgets have found a natural rent in Danish children’s families, “ says Red child’s senior adviser, Jon k. Long.

Who is so that half of those who have set up rules for the children’s consumption? There is a greater proportion of men than women, which sets up rules for the kids, and geographically have the soul’s parents a greater tendency for it than the 56% respectively in Northern Jutland and 38%.

The areas in which parents put rules up for, is also being studied and is in Jon k. Lange optics sensible. The five most common rules within the family are:

  1. When my child may use its smartphone/tablet-e.g. during dinner (75%)
  2. How much my child may use its smartphone/tablet-such as hours per day (64%)
  3. Limitation of purchases via smartphone/tablet-e.g. via games or other apps (63%)
  4. What my child should use its smartphone/tablet for-fx games, apps and websites (53%)
  5. Where my child may use its smartphone/tablet-e.g. in bed or on the toilet (34%)

Telia has a guide for how you can best set up your tablet and smartphone to be the best tool for kids. There you can find a guide to Apple’s iPad, some Samsung-Sony-tablets and smartphones.