Headphone Amplifier Promises Powerful Sound Even in Bluetooth

Aqua + is also capable of making the handset wireless

Aqua + is a device that promises to enhance the music experience provided by headphones.From Bluetooth technology, the handset is capable of making any headphone wireless.In addition, it can, according to the manufacturer, increase the sound quality, resulting in high fidelity playback.

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To get out of the role, the project was entered on the Kickstarter collective funding site.He hit the crowdfunding goal and is now available for sale.The price starts at $ 99 (about R $ 314 in direct conversion without taxes).Freight to Brazil is available for $ 15, something around $ 47.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone) and Android, Aqua + must be connected to a device via Bluetooth;then it is necessary to plug the headset into the unit through the 3.5 mm audio jack.To convert music to 32-bit audio, simply press a button.According to the manufacturer, the battery has up to 8 hours of autonomy in 16 bits and 5 hours in maximum quality.

With square and compact design, it has dimensions of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm and weighing 25 g.The device is sold in three colors: black, white and gold.The charging is wireless and it also comes with a micro USB cable. For $ 139 at phonejust, you can purchase a package that also has a headset.

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