Helmets: How to Choose and Adjust Your Helmet

If you opt to wear a helmet, here are some considerations when buying and using one. The following lines have been mixed (but not eventful) from articles of the OCU, Wikipedia and the NHTSA which can be found on their respective websites.

Helmets basically consist of two parts from ELWOODDEALS.net: a protective plastic film or casing and a layer of expanded polystyrene.

The outer layer protects the polystyrene of the wear of the parts (read Sun, rain, hail and the humidity in the basement) and keep it United and compact since this material they tend to be small cracks.

It polystyrene is the most important of the helmet material because it is responsible for absorbing the impact, aplast moving first and then crashing. Wikipedia tells us that helmets are optimized to be fully effective in falls approximately 20 kilometers per hour in which doesn’t intervene with another vehicle.

If speed is 50 km / h, for example, the helmet will make the impact the equivalent of a fall to 45 kms per hour, that Yes, prevent cuts and abrasions on the scalp (mostly desnable) and distribute the impact force by one larger skull area. I.e., it would be the difference between being hit with a hammer or a frying pan.

There are several types of helmets:

Hard case or soft case (also there are without housing, but they are not nearly already manufactured). Against the blows are more effective than hard shell but transpire much worse and its use is practically unworkable when intense physical exercise is being done and the outside temperature is not below zero. Hard shell helmets are common among those who practice descent and other mountain biking-mad variants.

Made with in-mold technology or not. First thing to say that the polystyrene is manufactured directly on the outer shell as if it were a mold. So both parts fit perfectly and are solidly United.The another way of making helmets implies that the two parts are manufactured separately and stick then, which makes the town significantly less robust. Currently most of the helmets are manufactured with technology in-mold.

For money

The most expensive helmets are not necessarily safer. The price of helmets depends on issues such as their weight, ventilation, if they have a visor or not, the adjustment systems and clear, the stylish which are.

Los cascos más baratos empiezan en torno a los 25 euros y pueden llegar a los 250 que cuestan algunos modelos supersofisticados. Si os sirve de orientación los nuestros costaron en torno a 60 euros y nos han servido de maravilla hasta ahora. El precio no indica una mayor seguridad. Siempre que el casco esté homologado debería funcionar bien. La diferencia está en las otras prestaciones que comentábamos arriba.


Los cascos, como casi todo en la vida, vienen en diferentes tallas dependiendo de la circunferencia de la cabeza. Las tallas valen para cabezas de circunferencias de entre 50 y 62 dependiendo de fabricantes y modelos. Por ejemplo, mi cabeza tiene una circunferencia de 56 cm y eso equivale a una M en Giro, que vale para cabezas de entre 55 y 59 cm.

Aunque la mejor manera de averigüar si un casco es de la medida adecuada es probárselo. Actualmente la mayoría de los cascos vienen con unas tiras o ruedecillas para un mejor ajuste.

Cálate el casco

Para que el casco proteja la cabeza como es debido debe estar bien ajustado. Esto es:

  1. El borde del casco debe estar aproximadamente uno o dos dedos por encima de las cejas, de tal manera que cuando mires hacia arriba puedas ver su borde.
  1. La correa que sujeta el casco debe estar bien ajustada. Lo ideal es que haya uno o dos dedos (depende del tamaño de los dedos) entre la barbilla y la correa. El cierre debe estar centrado justo debajo de la barbilla y en los laterales las correas deben hacer una “V” bajo la barbilla del propietario.

The end result should be a helmet than this fixed but loosely. This is the test to find out if you have done so well:

  1. When you open your mouth you tightening head?
    Opens the mouth as much as you can as if you bostezaras.You have to feel how the hull press over your head.If it is not more adjust the chin strap.
  2. What can move the helmet backward or forward?
    If you undo it, adjusts the front by sliding the slide forward.Then buckle up it and adjust the chin strap.

For those who have long hair, a trick: you can help keep the helmet in position making a queue, passing in the triangle that makes tape fit and the helmet. Depending on the height of the queue so it will be well placed town.

Various tips

Helmets expire, such as yoghurts. Over time the polystyrene loses elasticity and already does not protect enough against blows. By way of guidance you will say that the average age of a helmet expiration is 5 years, but it depends on make and model

Also, when the town received its first impact strong is no longer functional: the material has lost tension and will not react correctly in the event of a fall. So, if you’ve taken a hit from consideration, change the helmet.

Some manufacturers of helmets make you a discount if you take the broken helmet when you go to buy new. For example, when I left my helmet (mark twist) went with him to Austria shop (two years after buying it and without invoice), and made us a 50% discount on the new helmet.Some brands even change it yourself in the first three years after purchase. Broken helmet serves to mark to understand how falls people and improve its technology.

For cycling we recommend helmets with visor (like the photo above). In addition to protecting against the Sun you take away rain of the face that is one of the most overwhelming things when the clouds decide to turn on the tap

When you sweat much from the front, the front pads are soaked and it’s crap put it back (judging by the face of Alvaro whenever it does). At Estella met a few bikers ramming pads (Yes, the Evax) in the area of the forehead, to absorb the sweat. They swore and perjuraban it works swimmingly.

Finally, some occasions in which the helmet actually does to much (photos by Victor Lucas via Blah Blah Blog)

Happy ride!


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