Hero and 2 Diamond, Two Operating Systems, The Same Platform

If we take a look to offer mobile we see that there are brands that trust all your luck a model and others seeking to diversify its supply. On the side of monoculture have Apple and its iPhone, on the other we can consider their own HTC under the same hardware base creating different flavors by adding keyboards, changing covers & #8230;

So far HTC playing only with Windows Mobile but with Android It has opened new ground in its ability to adapt its range. Already had a warning with the Dream and the Magic that although very different outside it are very similar on the inside.

But now we have something on the table that opens up interesting possibilities and is comparing two operating systems on virtually the same hardware platform. In addition, in both cases with the own interpretation of HTC in each case what is a skin to make more friendly use of the phone. Those who lead this story? So are none other than the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Hero.

Let’s say that HTC has left foreign brand in the hardware of the model with Android which seems to want to be the characteristic “ jaw ”. Other differences are the screen resolution, which is 320 × 480 Android 480 × 800 in 2 Diamond. The headset jack, 3.5 mm in the Hero and USB on Windows Mobile owner are also different. And little more, the presence of trackball on the Android and a battery of about 250 mAh in the Hero.

Of course the screen in one case capacitive and resistive in the other but the rest is the same: memory, processor … and operating system Android seems to be upgradeable and HTC promises that at least once we update to Windows Mobile 6.5 the Diamond 2.

It is the shift of buyers, what will be the best seller?