Homemade Toy That Stimulates the Facial Recognition

I like it very much when we get suggestions of games to test. One of them, I confess, I thought it would be a challenge to build and it took me to do. But, surprise, it was super simple! And the toy is very good. Creative, fun and the kids had fun riding their faces. Had to do one for each, to avoid fights. But what I’m talking about?

This is the game to ride funny faces. That’s how I named this homemade toy. The tip was from Virendra Lucas (obrigaaaadaaaa!), follow us on Facebook. In fact, if you want to see the movie of it, the link on Facebook is here, including more steps of assembling the body of the characters than what I did.

To create this toy, you will need:

Clear plastic disposable cups (I wasn’t home, so I decided to make this transparent color. Works, but the color looks much better and allows more layers). I used 3.

Permanent marker pen

On the same line

My main difficulty was to calculate the height at which the drawings would be, so that later they would be paired. I took the glass I used had ripples. So, I counted the same number of ripples on five sides of glass and marked it with a ball.

These marks were the center of my face. So they designed five different noses. I also did my eyebrows in this first Cup.

Then I got a second glass, I counted the ripples and did the same brand. But one this time. Then placed this tag on one of the noses, putting a glass in the other. Oh! Remember that the design must be done with the mouth of the Cup upside down.

So it was easy to draw other parts of the body. Did mouth and eyes in this second glass. Repeat the entire procedure a third time, adding hair and details to my little faces. I chose to make different expressions of feelings (happy, angry, scared) to also work recognition of feelings with them. Ready!

The proposal is to deliver to your son the glasses fitted with blended faces and ask him to go riding different figures, only turning the glasses, one inside the other.

Simple, easier to make than I thought and a cool homemade toy to stimulate creativity, concept, feelings and attention, focus and fine motor skills.

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