How to Affects the Easter Days Data Traffic

Telecommunications company Telenor anticipates a large increase in the amount of data traffic from the Danes in the Easter days.

Easter recess begins today for many Danes, and it sets its tracks with telecommunications companies. At least with Telenor, which can report about a large increase of data usage in the coming days.

The prediction comes on the basis of a survey conducted the same period last year. Here compared to Maundy Thursday in 2014 with a Thursday two weeks earlier.

The result shows that there is an increase of 23% of data consumption on a Maundy Thursday in relation to a regular Thursday.

About the large increase tells Telenor’s commercial Director, Lars Thomsen:
“Many are under way by car, bus and train to bear family an Easter visit, and so there is time to read netnyheder, go get Facebook and view video on the Web. And when you sit at the Easter table, there will be probably also taken more photos than for daily images which will be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram or for backup services in the cloud. “

The same could not be said of the Danes in return SMS usage. Here happens a decrease at all 19% on a Maundy Thursday compared with 14 days beforehand. An even greater difference is there to find, if you look at the period 7 and 8 on the same day.

“In the period during which the Danes tend to be on the way out the door to go to work, was SMS-traffic the entire 70 percent lower on Thursday than on an ordinary Thursday. I wonder if it reflects that people using the holidays to sleep a little longer, “ he says.

Consumption of the data-hungry smartphones on a Holy Thursday may not, however, measure up to Christmas day. Here is consumption as much as 50% higher on the data area than an ordinary Thursday.

Can you recognize you own consumption pattern in Telenor’s study? Finally, give a comment to know below.