HTC-Blunder: Confuse One M9 with One (M8) on Facebook

The latest One M9 from HTC looks like its predecessor, One (M8), so much so that even the HTC cannot tell the difference between them.

There is probably a PR employee at HTC with red ears these days, that doesn’t quite have a handle on how the latest top model looks.

In a picture at HTC America’s Facebook page shared with 1.3 million. users confuse HTC the new One M9 with the one-year-old predecessor, because the design of the two smartphones are so identical.

It was initially planned to be a promotion of HTC’s Boom sound speakers in HTC One M9 with the phone lying with the speakers facing up. The only problem is that the phone in the picture is the old One (M8), while a hashtag in the included text, by contrast, says #HTCOneM9.

In the comments to the image was the comical errors quickly spotted, and then HTC United States was asked in to what appears on the image. “We just have a little fun with that show #HTCOneM9 progress,”sounded the reply from HTC.

The embarrassing error is no longer to find on Facebook-page, since HTC quickly chose to delete the lookup. Two screenshots of respectively the spread and HTC’s subsequent response however, circulating around the net, and you can view them right below.