HTC Magic &Amp; HTC Dream, Testing Android

In the MWC in Barcelona already announced two terminals have been tested with Android.

Despite what may seem, it’s two virtually identical phones whose only difference is basically the physical keyboard that has the HTC Dream.

The HTC Magic It is thinner and has a more interesting design, mostly by the lack of the physical keyboard, which resolves with an on-screen keyboard very similar to the of the iPhone and it is quite easy to use.

On the other hand, the physical keyboard of the HTC Dream It is somewhat uncomfortable because of the protruding to the right – although during the Congress we had to use it with USB cable connected, something that further hindered its use-. In addition, personally the keys found me something hard.

The display of the HTC Dream He moves with a gentle but firm circular motion rather nice.

Both terminals touch screen – which is capacitive – responds very well and has a soft touch – no need to press with force – making its use very nice.

Android Meanwhile us impressed very pleasantly, is fluid and soft, also the customization possibilities with the Widgets they are very interesting. Google It has created an operating system with a very good user experience that we could be at the level of the of the iPhone.

As regards Android, the version that we got to try on the HTC Magic was the Cupcake -the latest. The differences with the previous one, which had the HTC Dream, they are few and at first glance they are not noticed, but assured us that with Cupcake optimises battery spending to last 20% more.

Among the more spectacular things that we could see the combination is found between the Street View of Google Maps and mobile Accelerator.

When you walk in Street View, only by moving the phone can navigate the interface of Google with ease; the position of the mobile and their movements defined a very natural and intuitive application management.

After seeing these two mobile phones in operation it is completely clear that Android It is an operating system that gets hard and will be a player to take into account.

As for choosing a phone or another, it’s a personal choice that should be governed by a physical or touch keyboard preference.