HTC Media Link HD-Use Your Phone on TV (Product Tests)

TEST: Media Link HD is an excellent extension of HTC’s smartphones for multimedia enthusiasts. Medialink provides a big screen at all.

It has always been a hassle, if photos from Smartphone Gallery will be displayed on a large screen for the family. Even worse, if there has been talk of video clip. But these problems disappear if HTC Media Link installed.

The small box of just 52.2 x 32.3 x 12.2 mm can be put on the back of the tv by using the supplied holder. After the installation of HDMI cable and power are you running.

Medialink HD communicates with the phone via wireless networks, and the House is very easy to put up, so even users with no huge technical knowledge can help.

I was totally amazed at how easy it was, because such solutions usually requires contortions and tricks.

It’s all on the screen

With HTC Media Link HD, you can get all of the phone’s user interface, including menus, up on the big screen. A flick with three fingers on the mobile screen, enable the transfer of content from the smart phone, to the big screen.

It’s pretty wild to see the interface blown up so big. Yet Wilder is it when it all goes with when moving around in the different parts of the product.

Programs, as well as websites and, not least, the game can be retrieved up in full screen mode. It’s kind of cool, to sit with Songpop, YouTube videos and Subway Surfers – while just leans back on the sofa, totally free of wires.

View video while doing other things

The hardware of the phone (I have tested with HTC One X and One X +) is so powerful that can play videos from YouTube, local video files, or service HTC Watch, while phone use for other things.

So while you have video content runs end on a flat screen, you can surf the Web or check the mails on the smartphone screen, without disturbing it is happening on the big screen.

I can not fail to be impressed by how much processing power, which sits in our smartphones.

Netflix also runs, but here is the picture on the tv a mirror of what you see on your phone, and immediately it works, but the image does not reach out to the edge.

Conclusion: Must have for many

Medialink HD is fat, if you have an HTC smartphone. Other smartphones, as URf.eks. Samsung Galaxy S (III) and Note (II) also works, but only for the transfer of photos and video clips.

It is a piece of accessories you should only buy if you have the need for it, otherwise it can quickly end up in oblivion.

HTC Media Link HD does what it should, and is easy to set up, register and, not least, operate in everyday life.

The biggest problem is the price! 699 dollars on HTC’s official accessory shop, think I’m in over the edge, especially in the light of the fact that it requires an HTC-smartphone, to really live.

That being said, so is the HTC Media link HD (DG H200) incredible functioning. So six out of six stars is deserved.