HTC Sense in Magic and Dream, First The HTC Hero ROM Hacks

Much they were taking to put the ROM of the HTC Hero in his older brothers, it seems as if the news of the last week in which confirmed us that the “with Google” terminals would not obtain the update to the HTC Sense, It has motivated hackers and they have accelerated the process.

We have two separate projects, one called SUPERHERO, the boys of LeakDroid, that, according to the source, the ROM has been modified significantly to make it work in the HTC G1-Dream.

In the video that kicks off this news we can see running the ROM, with new features like the browser multitouch, the system of enhanced widgets, best multimedia player or the integration of social networks.

Comment it is not advisable to do the process of substitution of ROM, because still many errors, some are presented since ROM expects a more powerful processor, leaving the terminal hung before continue. In addition, the system is not the fluid that should, and are some functions limited like the automatic screen rotation.

If anyway you are curious in the process, we find complete instructions in the Android HD blog, and the ROM is available for download at LeakDroid.

On the other hand are the boys of Fatal1ty, that touched the ROM slightly to make it work in the HTC Magic, as you can see in the video below:

Everything moves slower than is desirable, although we see interesting things that the browser is multi-touch and Flash-compatible, or new widgets, in addition they say GPS and camera also are operating. As in the SUPERHERO is also likely to be hung.

Update:For those who have not followed the comments, I leave you some interesting links to forums proposed by kirbyn (thank you) to inform you and dig deeper into the subject: Magic at xda-developers, and Dream on xda-developers. In Spanish you can always resort to HTCMania, or android-spa.