Icelandic Highlands in 4WD

Go on a 4wd adventure through the Icelandic highlands where beautiful and wild nature awaits you! There are lots of hiking opportunities and only a few visitors. Drive along gravel roads, over rivers and mountain passes and through rugged desert landscapes to discover Iceland’s varied landscapes!

This journey through the highlands of Iceland is for those who like adventure, but at the same time want to slow down and find peace. There is no noise from cities, cars or many other people – just a unique mix of rocky deserts, volcanoes, valleys, hot springs, rugged mountain peaks and ice sheets. For centuries, the highlands were inaccessible and became a haven for many lawless people. Via the mountain roads Kjölur and Sprengisandur, the untamed wilderness in Iceland’s mountainous center has now been opened to visitors.
The trip begins with two nights in Reykjavik, which gives you time to enjoy Iceland’s charming capital and arrange provisions for your trip. Then pick up your rental car with 4wd, specially built to cope with the country’s gravel roads and river crossings. You have the car for six days, so there is plenty of time to explore Iceland’s central highlands and hike in this stunning landscape.

Bring all camping equipment from home (or rent locally) and provisions can be purchased at local supermarkets or outdoor stores. You have to stick to the public road networks, but with a 4wd you can drive along so-called F-roads, gravel roads that go “off-the-beaten-track”. It is possible to shorten or extend the car rental if you wish – talk to our travel consultants to get the trip exactly as you wish!

Best travel period

It is excellent to travel to Iceland all year round. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a temperate sea climate with cool summers and relatively mild winters. In summer the average temperature is
12-20 ° C. During this period the days are long and in June and July the sun never sets. During the winter period, the average temperature is -1 ° C and here it is possible to experience the northern lights dancing in the night sky.

The weather in Iceland is very changeable and you should be prepared for unexpected weather conditions. Our recommendations are based on how the climate has been in previous years.

Detailed itinerary

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Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Iceland

Departure from Scandinavia to Reykjavik, where you will arrive the same day. Upon arrival, take the bus from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik city center where your hotel is located. You have the rest of the day on your own to explore the city. Reykjavik is known as one of Europe’s hottest cities and offers a rich cultural life, lots of concerts, good restaurants and a lively nightlife. It is easy to explore the city and its sights on foot or by bike.

Day 2: Explore Reykjavik

Today you can continue to explore Reykjavik on your own and prepare for your trip to the highlands. In the center you will find several good outdoor shops and a little further out there are several supermarkets where you can buy groceries

Day 3-7: On an adventure through the highlands of Iceland with a 4wd rental car

You pick up your Land Rover Defender (or similar 4wd car type) in Reykjavik and then start your adventure. It is possible to upgrade to a Land Rover Super Defender – both models can accommodate 7 people and are equipped with a snorkel to be able to cross rivers. It is also possible to add rental of GPS, roof rack, and other equipment.

Day 8: Departure from Keflavik

Today it’s time to go home after an eventful adventure in Iceland. Return your rental car in Reykjavik and take yourself to the airport. Fly back to Scandinavia with return the same day.

Overnight stays

Two nights in a hotel in Reykjavik.

Icelandic Highlands in 4WD