Iperpigmerntazione Facial Skin

Dark spots caused by excess melanin? Cause of hyperpigmentation, or the accumulation of this substance in the cheekbone, upper lip or nose. Here’s what products to cure them and break them down.

Hyper-pigmentation is a phenomenon that occurs with the appearance of darker spots irregularly shaped items often on the face, neck, cleavage and hands. They are the accumulation of melaninthat can appear due to hormonal changes, taking oral contraceptives, inadequate exposure and little protected in the Sun, sunburn. The best way to prevent hyperpigmentation is absolutely the use of sunscreens. In Europe about 40% of women is hyperpigmentation; and cosmetic research is always looking for whitening formulas that can be effective. Be careful though, you can find many products that promise miracles; Unfortunately some may be ineffective and others even dangerous.

A few years ago was detected the harmfulness of a substance in whitening products, hydroquinone banished from the market as harmful, irritant, allergen and compound considered dangerous for the environment. It must be said that cosmetics currently on the market are not properly of miracles on brown spots; There are still some excellent products that mitigate and prevent the formation of stains and give a total of visible benefits to the skin of the face in terms of brightness, clarity and evenness of skin tone.

The “Modulators” of melanogenesis used in cosmetics today are many, the most common are the acid Cogito, Arbutin, azelaic acid, polyphenols (the latter contained in plants). Nature gives us in fact reliable substances with whitening properties, such wicked the sweet licorice, but also green tea and Chamomile tea, and bearberry.

Here are the products we have selected for this annoying problem of facial skin:

  1. Kosmetikum iklen ® Rucinol Serum is a concentrated bleach among the most effective, based on a double-action: intracellular and extracellular.Gives clear results in 3 weeks. It’s a pharmaceutical product, well tolerated, fragrance-free, hydroquinone and parabens. Used in the treatment of melasma. Dermatologically tested.
  2. Anti-spot brightening serum of Caudalie’s Vinoperfect,.Based on Viniferine is the # 1 in France in its category, carries out an important anti-stains, scientifically proven after 4 weeks. Corrects stains, prevents their appearance and enhances radiance. Sixty-two times more effective than vitamin c.
  3. Shiseido White Lucency Anti Dark Spots.Formulated with Super Spot Deacti-Complex, an exclusive complex of Shiseido able to control melanin production. This intensive cosmetic proved to be among the most effective in its category.
  4. Lightening cream with liquorice by l’erbolario, effectively reduces melanin maturation and reduces brown spots on the skin surface.Contains a derivative of vitamin C which, when used on an ongoing basis, ensuring a progressive and lasting whitening action. As you can imagine has the typical odor of licorice, but a very pleasant and delicate fragrance.
  5. For allergic to nickel, among the various products “Nickel Free”, you find the effectiveness ofDefence white concentrated brightening of Bionike(which, mind you, still contains nickel, albeit in very low quantities). This product controls melanin synthesis using a new technique of delivery of assets. Gentisic acid, ether composed of Metilgentisato: natural gentian root and Exil-resorcinol: inhibitor of the enzyme tyrosinase. We recommend that you use together with cream (Defence white cream € 25.50).