Jazztel Mobile Launches “Voice Flat Rates” and Improving Your Internet Mobile

Before the release of the advertised rate (expected before summer) Simyo flat, Jazztel mobile is moving forward with his proposal of what are still commercially calling Flatrate despite not being more than a bonus minutes.

Jazztel mobile descataloga your current rates and launches several voice flat rates valid for a call to any national destination 24 hours a day and without pay call set-up during 100 minutes/month per 15.95 EUR or during 200 minutes per month for 29.95 euros as a promotion if you sign up in April, until the 31 of December 2009 you can talk 600 minutes for the same price of 29.95 euros.

Update: bonds of 300 minutes are also available for 39.95 euros, 400 minutes for 47.95 EUR and 500 minutes for 54.95 euros even if at the moment you are modalities will not have sense for customers who enjoy the promotion of 600 minutes for 29.95.

Once any of the bonds or if you decide not to hire one of the flat rates (with minimum monthly consumption of 3 euros), will apply the new rate 10 charged to 10 cents/minute more 15 cents of establishment while the price of messages will be 12 cents/sms and 30 cents/mms.

In the case of Mobile Internet, Jazztel will also offer new options:

  • Daily rate of 1 euro/day connection (limited to 100MB per day) ideal for sporadic connections. The following 100MB will be free at 128 kbps and then cut the service until 00: 00 of the next day.
  • 250 MB per month for 7.95 euros especially for surfing on your mobile. If you exceed the limit, the following 100MB will be free at 128 kbps and then cut the service until the following month.
  • 1GB for 14.95 euros ó 5GB for 29.95 euros designed to connect from a computer. Exceeded the limit, is you can keep browsing free at 128 Kbps for a maximum of 1 additional GB and then cut off the service.

Both the rates for voice and data only are available for ADSL Jazztel customers as a novelty, the bonds of 1GB and 5GB of mobile internet may enroll by any user at a price of 19.95 and 29.95 euros respectively.

Jazztel Mobile operates thanks to the KPN-Simyo infrastructure so you can that these rates of voice are a preview of what is preparing us Simyo. Will be viable rate of 600 minutes for 30 euros approximately and which also includes sms or internet? Less is already becoming to have the answer…