Land Price Rises on Applications by Apple

Because the price of payment applications have previously been 6 kroner at Apple, but now it has increased to 7 kronor apiece.

Enough Apple has the world’s most valuable brand, but they have not earned enough, and now put the base price up on applications in the App Store

Previously land price been 6 dollars for payment applications in Apple’s App Store, but now it is so closed to being 7 crowns.

Apple has not reported anything out about the price increase, but this comes at the same time that they have sent the accounts for the last quarter. Here lived the not up to market expectations – despite a large surplus and an increase in sales of 27 percent.

It is, however, not only in Denmark, to the basic price of payment applications have increased. Around Europe is the increased from 0.89 Eur to 0.79. It writes our site.

There are also other applications as is increased, among other things, Angry Birds for iPad, which in the past has cost 18 dollars, this one must now pay 19 dollars to acquire.

Immediately, the price has not increased in the US App Store, therefore it can also be about the influence of exchange rates. It writes our site.