Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus, a rapidly developing resort and economic center of Cyprus. Antiquity and modernity are miraculously intertwined here, this can be seen in the architecture of the city – ancient buildings are located next to modern buildings. In this city, in addition to wonderful beaches, the emerald sea and comfortable hotels, you can find large shopping centers, markets, bazaars and small shops offering a variety of goods. Larnaca has a large seaport, one of the reasons for the rapid economic development of the city. Thanks to the excellentweather of Larnaca, a holiday in this resort will not leave indifferent either a lover of a beach holiday, or those who like to visit ancient monuments – there are a sufficient number of them in this city. For tourists who like to relax in comfort, Larnaca hotels offer accommodation in cozy rooms and a large number of additional services.


Evidence of the solid age of Larnaca exists not only on paper, there are many historical sights in this city and its environs, a visit to which will be interesting for everyone who loves history. The open-air exhibit is the fort, which was erected on the site of the old castle. There is a historical museum here, which provides a collection of archaeological finds for everyone to see. You should also visit the Byzantine church of Panagia Angeloktisti, famous for its ancient mosaics, the archaeological museum, the exhibits of which are things found during excavations in Khirokitia and Kition, by the way, you can also visit the places of these excavations, they are located near Larnaca. Those who decide to dive into the sea with scuba gear will be able to see several sunken ships, and there are also guided tours.


The beaches of Larnaca are located throughout the resort area. The beaches are mostly sandy, equipped with changing cabins, it is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds. On the territory of many beaches there are restaurants and cafes. The most famous beaches of Larnaca are Palm Beach and Mackenzie Beach.


Thanks to the magnificent beaches in Larnaca, water sports are developed – diving, windsurfing, paragliding behind a boat, banana boats, boating and yachting. This city hosts many holidays and festivals, various concerts and performances. On a farm located near Larnaca, you can ride donkeys. On the beaches, tourists can find many charming taverns and cafes, as well as discos. Nature lovers can visit the famous Salt Lake and admire the representatives of the local fauna – amazingly beautiful flamingos. For children, it will be interesting to visit a small amusement park, where they can ride the rides.

Night life

When dusk falls on Larnaca, the already beautiful city becomes even better, tourists stroll on the beaches, a friendly atmosphere reigns in the restaurants and cafes that are located here, everyone has fun and enjoys their vacation, in restaurants you can try national cuisine and local wine as well as listen to music and even dance.

Larnaca, Cyprus