Lenovo Will Include Audio Signed by Dolby in Its New Economic Tablets

The economical range of Android devices is already crowded-like device, with few incentives and similar prices, which also tend to be signed by less-recognized manufacturers that users sometimes confuse.

Lenovo It is one of the most important Chinese manufacturers, so their economic devices must always be considered in the pools, even if the manufacturer wants to promote the use of multimedia content by differentiating with quality audio.

That is the hallmark of the Lenovo Tab A7-30, A7-50, A8 and A10, a range of tablets of Economic Court have with signed by Dolby audio ensuring quality in multimedia playback sound.

They will also share a chipset with four core processor of that data, are not known although it will presumably be MediaTek.

In terms of their screens, the nomenclature of the models not deceives us, as the A10 will feature 10 inch display, with 8 inch A8 and A7 with a 7 inch panel, although in this case there will be two versions, one of which will feature resolution in high definition and 2-megapixel front camera.

More details at the moment, there are no known although prices are rumored, that They cover the 120 euros for the A7-30 to 200 euros that will be the most expensive of all, the A10, will surely place them among the most attractive range of input tablets of the Android catalog.