LG Launches First Video Teaser That Confirms The G 8.3 Pad LG

LG has just confirmed through a teaser video on YouTube which already had gone a few days ahead, it is preparing a tablet of 8.3 inches, which will be finally called LG G 8.3 Pad.

But in the video they do not teach any image of this new tablet, serves as warming to know for certain that this project is real, and to give us some indications of how. In the video are some many people giving their opinion to how would be the ideal tablet under the slogan ‘ Just Right for You’ (just right for you).

Of course, it is expected that everything they say the questioned either incorporated into the new tablet of 8.3 inches of LG. From those who prefer to keep it at home, to those who want to take it in tow and seek that it fits in a Pocket, that is sufficiently fine and large, fast, very fast, small (what we could expect in very low edges), in Full HD and with the possibility of connecting to other devices.

It is also curious that they have decided to put a name to the simple name of LG G Pad, with the tagline 8.3, perhaps a warning that more tablets of the brand are to come in the future. Time to start touch wait for 2013 IFA in Berlin fair and conferences of September 4.